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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bear hunt- First Bear sighting.

Well, we have the first bear spotted.

More to follow:

For the Gold Bugs:

Assuming near-perfect repeat of the prior bear, early October or July remains the ETA for the S&P, early March or January for gold and PM stocks and Summer 2012 for oil. Obviously, that's all a major conjecture.


  1. July/Oct top for SPX?

    Jan/March 2012 for gold top?

  2. If you look closely there is a pattern of 2 tops on each of the chart with the timing I have given. Last bull the second top was higher, now in the first example of the future series the first top was higher on airlines, so it may happen on the other indexes as well. For the practical purposes it should not matter much, unless you want to squeeze any last drop of juice out of it, since the second top, if lower should be quite close to the first one (failed retest)if not higher. So as long as the pattern works (big IF)selling S&P in October, gold in March and oil in July (2012) would work. That's all.